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Default 6600GT Cooling recommendation

Hi everyone. While not strictly Linux related, I use Linux as my primary OS, so I'm posting here.

I have the PNY 6600GT AGP card, and I was having lots of heating problems. Lockups while playing Doom3 and other 3D intensive games. After flashing my video BIOS with one allows termal monitoring, I found that with the factory-installed fan/heatsink, my card was idling at a scorching 72-76 degrees celcius. When I played a game, this quickly grew to 95-105 degrees, and lockups happening frequently.
This is at stock clock speeds. I never overclock.

I was unable to find a 3rd-party cooler that listed the 6600GT-AGP as a compatible card.

So, being desperate, I tried one that doesn't show this card as compatible, but had good reviews, and I noticed that it was raised up a good bit from the core. The main reason they don't work with this card is they get in the way of the heatsink for the PCI-E - to AGP bridge chip. Since this one was raised higher I thought I would give it a try. The cooler is the Logisys CF206, and runs about $30 with shipping.

Because it was raised, it fit perfectly on my card, and even had room for me to install the included RAM heatsinks.

The difference it made in my operating temperature is AMAZING! I now idle at an average of 48 degrees Celcius. If I lauch doom3, with high quality, 4x AA, it has yet to raise the temperature to over 59 degrees!

That is 20 degrees cooler at idle, and nearly 50 degrees cooler during hard game play. I had hoped to get a little improvement over the previous temperature, but I was simply floored over the difference it made. No more lockups at all, even after hours and hours of play!

There is a good review of the cooler here:
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