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Default NVidia driver hangs and produces strange messages on FreeBSD-6.0

I've ran 1 instance of glxgears and 3 instances of glclock.

First time I get system hanging for a few seconds after which I was able to shut down X and get dmesg, see below.

The second time the same experiment caused screen blackout, monitor indicated loss of signal.

> uname -a
> FreeBSD xxx.xxx.xxx 6.0-STABLE FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE #4: Sun Dec 25 11:47:09 PST 2005 root@xxx.xxx.xxx:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC i386

NVIdia driver was install from ports: version 8174.

nvidia-setting was running showing core temperature ~75.

System is stable otherwise, will run for months with frequent heavy loads.

----- dmesg messages from NVidia driver ----
NVRM: Xid: 13, 0002 beef3097 00004097 00001d8c ffffff00 00040000
NVRM: Xid: 27, L1 -> L0
NVRM: Xid: 6, PE0005 1508 3effffff 00401824 a428a4f3 3effffff
NVRM: Xid: 27, L0 -> L0
NVRM: Xid: 6, PE0002 1504 441fa000 00000004 a428a4f3 02980000
NVRM: Xid: 6, PE0003 1528 bf800000 00000000 a428a4f3 00000000
NVRM: Xid: 6, PE0002 1eac 04c06e81 001fff40 3effffff 443aa000
NVRM: Xid: 8, Channel 00000004
NVRM: Xid: 6, PE0003 1f00 3f800000 001139b4 00000000 01c03e80
NVRM: Xid: 27, L1 -> L0
NVRM: Xid: 6, PE0003 1818 00000000 00114bc4 00000000 04806e82
NVRM: Xid: 27, L0 -> L0
NVRM: Xid: 13, 0003 beef3097 00004097 00001e94 06dbc802 00040002
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