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Default gigabyte 6600gt issues

Hello there. Been a while since I posted so hello again everyone. Now I will make with the questions. I just purchased a gigabyte GF 6600 gt. I installed the latest drivers and I am having nothing but problems. I tried to play battlefield 2 but there is so many graphical glitches it is unplayable. I attempted to play DOTA a war3 Frozen throne mode and the game freezes everytime mid game. I have tried numerous drivers and I am wondering what the problem is.

MY system specs are 04 2.0 gig 1024 of ram and of course the 6600 gt.

Are these KNOWN issues? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The rig that brings the pain:
Intel p4 2.0 Ghz
1024 megs o ram at pc2100
Asus p4sgx-mx mobo
GIGABYTE geforce 6600gt AGP
60 gig ata 100 Hard drive
48X24X48 lite on Burner
DVD rom drive
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Default Re: gigabyte 6600gt issues

wrong forum

but while I'm here, I'd say that the problem was with DOTA. Does WarcraftIII normally freeze up or just when you use the DOTA mod?
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Default Re: gigabyte 6600gt issues

What drivers are you using with your current setup?

I am running the AGP 6600GT from Gigabyte and there is no problems.
[Celeron D 346 - 3 GHz}{Asus P5P800-VM - i875 chipset}{Gigabyte 6600GT AGP}{1024 MB RAM}{120 GB Seagate HDD}{530 Watt Raidmax PSU - modular}{15-inch LCD] .
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Default Re: gigabyte 6600gt issues

If this is an AGP card, make certain that your motherboard GART drivers for the AGP bus are installed correctly. This may require them to be uninstalled totally and reinstalled anew.

Can you look at your power supply sticker and tell us how many amps the +12v rail is listed for?

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