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Default garbage with patched up 6629 and others

Hello all. Sorry in advance for long post but prefer to try to be as complete as possible from the start.

video card: TNT2 M64 AGP PCI card, 32M of RAM (see below re RAM type)
cpu: AMD XP2100
mobo: ASUS A7S333
kernel: 2.4.29
dist: slack 10.1

I put slackware on this box about 4 months ago, replacing an old RH dist, actually downgrading kernel in the process. I had been using an old NV driver that I'd installed when I bought the box in late 2002, worked fine.

I'm trying to upgrade is to get some direct rendering GL support:

# glxinfo
name of display: :0.0
display: :0 screen: 0
direct rendering: No <----

So I'm trying to get the NV drivers working but no joy. Here's the story:

1) in my initial ignorance tried 7676. As I recall the install didn't even work.

2) figured out mainly by guessing (this page:


is really unclear, if any nvidia people are reading this...)

that 6629 was the driver to use

3) LOL. It installed, but on starting X, the screen is pretty much garbaged and hangs. This is under 3 different WM/DE's (KDE, fluxbox, fvwm2). Here are pertinent contents of xorg.conf

Section "Device"
Identifier "NV AGP"
VendorName "RIVA TNT2"
BoardName "RIVA TNT2"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "IgnoreEDID" "true" # ommiting max monitor resolution
Option "NoLogo" "true" #No logo
Option "NvAGP" "1" #Use Nvidia AGP,not Kernel

No problems w/pci or multiple cards or anything:

# lspci
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 15)

Note again that this had worked for almost 2 years prior...

4) Here are the tweaks I've tried:
a) made sure all previous drivers have been --uninstalled before each reinstall
b) I've tried both with and without the recently posted patch "NVIDIA-1.0-6629-02.28.2005+warpxmod-09.24.2005.diff.txt"
c) I've tried to determine RAM type. At time of purchase, I noted it as SDRAM. README says:

Most issues pertaining to SGRAM/SDRAM TNT cards should be resolved.
There is the rare chance, however, that your video card has the wrong
BIOS installed, and that this driver will continue to fail for you.

If this driver fails for you, do the following:

o watch your monitor as the system boots. The very first, brief screen
will identify the type of video memory your card has. This will be
either SGRAM or SDRAM.

with instructions following. Well, initial screens says simply "32.0MB RAM" - that is, *no* RAM type is specified.

Regardless, I've tried editing os-registry.c and set it both to SGRAM and SDRAM. Still no change.

Any more suggestions? I'm considering trying some of the older drivers.

Thanks all in advance
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Default Re: garbage with patched up 6629 and others

5336 works. Direct Rendering is enabled. Never fails, you spend 3 hours on something and fix it right after you post :0)

Still curious if there's some way to get 6629 working though. And perhaps all this spew will help someone else.

thanks again
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Default Re: garbage with patched up 6629 and others

1.0-7174 is the currently supported driver for a TNT2.

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Default Re: garbage with patched up 6629 and others

Thx Lonni, I'll try that after thanksgiving.

5336 was a little erratic, for instance it messed up ANSI colors on my console. I'll give 7174 a try after thanksgiving.
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