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Default Medal of Honor Series

Hi there
Looking for some advice plse.
Just built a new system and am loading up some old games including the MOH series i.e. Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough.
I notice that I am getting a lot of "crash to desktop" issues with all 3 games.
These are my system specs
XP Pro SP2
Athlon 64 4000
2gb DDR400
7800GTX (81.94 drivers)
LCD monitor ( 1280x1024x32 desktop resolution)

If my memeory serves me correctly these are openGL games right ??
I have run Star Trek Elite Force 2 ( which is another openGL game ?? ) without any problems, but the MOH series are causing issues.
Have tried running in 1024x768 but make no difference. Running in safe mode causes no issues at all.
Have experimented with various options as I increase the "Video Options" from Safe Mode, but still crashes. Tried disabling AA but make little difference. All games up to date with latest patch.

Tried rolling back a driver version or 2 but still crashes.

What other games can I test so see if it's an openGL issue or just related to the MOH series ?

So I wonder if some of yu gurus might have some suggestions, apart from uninstalling the whole series.
I wud prefer not to roll too far back as I will miss out on the enhancements that the latest nVidia drivers make to newer games.

cheers and thanks in advance for all replys

update: it's amazing what happens when yu uninstall and re-install again, including all patches. Most bizarre but now all are working and no more crash to desktops
Weird !!

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