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Default Asus A7N8X delux motherboard (sucks ?) - sound not working (Linux and win98)!!


I bought this motherboard and think I made a mistake. Anyone with me here ?

I wanted to have a Linux only box, so I got Nvidia stuff, who have been known widely to support linux and all (which seems like BS now). I bought the Asus A7N8X delux, with nForce2 (MCP-T) chipset, and MSI GeForce4 based card.

The video seems to be working, but I am stuck on the Audio subsystem. For the past 2 weeks, I have tried eveything I could get my hands on: OSS/Free, Alsa, nvaudio, OSS/Commercial etc... nothing works.

I got so frustrated that I took out my win 98 CD and installed it. But, my bad luck: I am not able to get the audio working in that too. Seems like the win 98 audio driver on the Asus motherboard CD is incomplete. The installation just fails ! I put in the install CD, start the nForce installation. It asks for the win98 CD, I point it to the correct directory, it finds the file, and pops-up a message: "Install Failed". Then it goes on to install "Microsoft Audio", reboots twice, and sound still does not work. Control Panel -> Hardware Monitor says it is not able to load drivers for the audio device and hence its not working. Happens every damn time I have installed (now about 7 or 8 times)

I went to nvidia site to download the latest drivers, but the web page:
Audio drivers will not install on the following nForce2 products: ASUS A7N8X and Chaintech 7NJS. Please use the drivers that come with these products to enable audio functionality.

I went over to www.asus.com which seem to have only the BIOS updates. I found a link to the driver, which is hosted off www.asus.com.tw which ofcourse is down (ping fails) !!!

Anyone else got this working ? Can anyone, who has the same motherboard zip up the CD and put it somewhere for me to download ?

Would really appreciate any help !!

Anyone got a contact number of Asus ?


Ajay Gautam

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I had some similar problems....

I have a dual boot XP/RH 8 on an a7n8x deluxe..

Sound only works on XP if I set speakers to 4 (even though I only have two)

Sound only works in linux from the front audio jack setup with my case and the MB headers....
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Default nothing at all

On my machine, no sound at all - Win 98, Xp, Linux - nothing

Even had the Asus tech support guy walk me thru...

Tomorrow, I am going to get the board replaced...
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I got the board, audio works great in Win2k and Linux. I am using the OSS commerical.
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I Assume yours uses a C-Media chipset? My P4S8X(should've gone with the AMD) board does the same thing, you could try:
modprobe sound
modprobe cmpci
On my roommate's Athlon board, he uses Sound Blaster compatable for DOS games but the interrupt is some odd number like 17 or on mine 18 rather than.
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Default solution to your problem

use this and follow the instructions. not perfect, but very very good.

good luck

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