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Default FX5900 blank screen

I just bought a "new" PNY FX5900 on ebay. Slapped it in and all I get is the video bios blurb, then the screen goes blank and it quits booting. Anybody have ideas on what the problem is . Any bios settings etc. that I might have missed?
My Geforce 4 MX440 8X works just fine.

Should I just contact the seller and say it was DOA?

Thanks for any help.
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Default Re: FX5900 blank screen

It may be feeding video to the wrong port. I've had nightmare sessions where I couldn't get the machine to boot to VGA after using a TV-only setting. I don't recall how I fixed it, only that it can be a scary problem.

have you tried DVI and VGA and SVideo? Does it display proper boot/POST on any of the three ports?
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Default Re: FX5900 blank screen

I don't have s-video or dvi cables to try it with. I quess it's off to Radio Shack tomorrow.

Duh. Forget that. I don't have any of those kind of monitors or TV's.
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