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Default Permission Issues in 8174 TV Out (workaround?) and Blue Screen....

I have a 6600GT which I expressly bought for HDTV out (1080i or worst case scenario EDTV at 480p). I am a Panasonic Tau HDTV (which understands 1080i or 480p, but not 720p).

I have been running into the same "screen" issues with TV out on component and HDTV that other people have reported. However, I also saw the same behavior on SVIDEO connectors. After playing a bit, I discovered that the problem seems to be related in how X is started. If I start X via sudo or the command line as root, I have no problems at all starting up at least S-VIDEO. However, if I just use the basic GDM startup (ie, boot level 5) I get the error around no screens available.

In both cases the config file seems to be parsing correctly.

Now comes the kicker. When I used 7174 before for HDTV out, I got a screen that was mostly blue-tinted. I get the same behavior with the new driver when I start up X as root from the console. I suspect that the driver is ignoring the Option "TVOutFormat" "Component"
and Option "TVStandard" "HD1080i" lines and is actually broadcasting either SVIDEO or composite via the dongle. Has anyone else run into this? The reason I suspect that is if I plug in the S-VIDEO with the configuration above, it works just fine at 1024x768.

Any ideas?
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