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Default Clocking Problem - Cross Platform 8XXX Drivers

I have an Albatron 6200, AGP8x model
Nforce2 EPOX 8rda board

I was using the latest 7xxx drivers for a while under Linux.
With these drivers, coolbits clocking worked fine.
Under windows, with 8xxx, touching the GPU clock would instantly lock the PC, even if it was 1mhz higher or lower than 350.
Under linux, the GPU would do 380-390 before any artifacts arose, but I usually ran it at 350 anyway.

I just noticed that series 8x drivers were released for linux. I'm trying them out. It seems renderaccell has improved, in terms of stability...however...

Now my PC locks if I touch the GPU clock settings, like it does in windows.

This happens with nvidia-settings, or the 3rd party nvclock. I can touch memory settings fine! And the card runs through the clocking test fine as well, but as soon as I hit apply, it locks up in both windows and linux. This is specific to the 8xxx series drivers. I can fall back to the 7xxx series drivers, and it's fine.

It's 100% reproducable.
Just adjust your GPU settings and hit apply, value doesn't matter. On my hardware, with this driver version, the PC locks, prior versions, it's fine.

I've submitted a bug report, if this helps at all. Please, look into it if possible.

Anyone else experience this problem with the 8x series cross platform?

This just destroyed my 30 days of uptime. Gaming and all is totally stable at default clocks in 8x, and overclocked as well with the 7x series.

Edit: Oh yeah, this happens when setting GPU clock for 3d mode, even if I'm in 2d mode. It also happens when setting it for 2d mode.
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Default Re: Clocking Problem - Cross Platform 8XXX Drivers

This appears to be a known problem with GeForce 6200 AGP cards. We hope to address it in a future NVIDIA driver release.
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