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Default 3000g frame lock broke? x86_64,8174,RHEL3

Frame locking seems to be intermittent and unpredictable for a trio of FX 3000g
cards under driver 1.0-8174 running under RedHat Enterprise Linux Worstation 3
Update 3 (Taroon) on dual-Opteron 248 systems.

Symptoms: When starting up nvidia-settings and clicking on the frame lock item,
the frame lock indicators of one or two of the systems almost always show no
frame locking. The affected system(s) are hit and miss. The frame lock master is
always active, as one might expect, I suppose, but one or another of the frame
lock slaves never gets into the act. This is in contrast to the previous drivers that
were in use, the 1.0-7676 drivers and earlier.

Any ideas?
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Default Re: 3000g frame lock broke? x86_64,8174,RHEL3

Are all the systems using the same XF86Config & identical display devices?

If so, please generate and post a bug report from one of the slave systems while this problem exists.

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