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Default Playing EQ2 & want to replace 9800 Pro

Hey guys, first post.

I am playing EQ2 and I want to retire my trusty old Radeon 9800 Pro. It has been a great video card but I just want a little more peformance out of my machine. I have as following:

P4 2.8Ghz (Northwood Core)
ASUS P4P800-D Mobo
1GB Corsair XMS RAM
ATi 9800 PRO

I am limited to AGP, but given the peformance difference between my P4 and a newer P4/Athlon, it's just not worth it to upgrade the whole shebang yet. Besides, I feel Intel will make a big comeback before '06 ends and I want to see what's coming from them.

Now that I have ruled out PCI-E, I am looking at an ATi x1600 Pro AGP, nVidia 6600GT, and nVidia 6800. They are all around the same $150ish price point and that's the price range I want to stay in. If I am missing another card in that price range, let me know what it is. I'm really leaning toward the x1600 Pro atm, however. I generally dislike nVidia, but this seems like the calmest vid card board I've run into.
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Default Re: Playing EQ2 & want to replace 9800 Pro

Honestly, I beta tested the game using a 9800pro before switching to a 6800GT and it ran better on the 9800pro then it did the 6800GT. The game is very ATI friendly in performance.
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Default Re: Playing EQ2 & want to replace 9800 Pro

Ditto, I also was using a 9700pro and upgraded to a 6800gt. The 9700 performed much better so I sold the 6800gt and bought the X800XT. which also ran better for this game. Kinda sad considering EQ2 endorsed the NV brand. I'm not sure about now, it's been over a tear since I played eq2 though.
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Default Re: Playing EQ2 & want to replace 9800 Pro

Well I still use my 6800 gt and all I can say is that it should run the game better than it does.

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