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Default Nvidia 4191 driver installation report ( Dell Inspiron 8200 )

Thanks to NVidia for providing Linux support

After reading past threads in this forum, I can note that my prefenreces are:

1. I build everything from source ( since binaries are not "one size fit all", and I believe compiling is the way to go. ( I even compile my own compiler :-) )

2. No distro preference ( I have my own custom kernel on top of a red hatish installation ) Although I really like FReeBSD and Open BSD

3. The RPM package managment implementation just doesn't work for me. That's one of the main reasons I learned how to compile stuff in the first place.

That said, the NVidia report:

My environment:

Dell Inspiron 8200
NVidia GForce4 Go

Linux 2.4.19 kernel
4191 Nvidia driver


I was running a successful installation of the older Nvidia drivers, and I had no problems at all. Once I installed the new 4194 driver ( from tar.gz ), X started just fine, but it will die after a couple of minutes. I realized it died because of a command that controls my fans 'i8kfan' which is included in the i8ktools ( i8k module ) ( goodies for Dell Laptops ). My first assumption was that, somehow, the 'i8k' module was conflicting with the new 'nvidia' one. I was about to reinstall my old nVidia drivers when I stumbled into this forum :-), and I read a lot of good threads ( thanks to everybody out there : this is the best way toget troubleshooting info ) Then, I erased this line from my XFreeconfig-4:

#Section "DRI"
# Mode 0666

This worked for me and vanished my initial assumption about 'i8k' conflicting with 'nvidia'.

Usage, performance:

[root@MALELT /]# glxgears
4812 frames in 5.0 seconds = 962.400 FPS
5599 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1119.800 FPS
5565 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1113.000 FPS
5619 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1123.800 FPS

I use WMaker as a Window environment ( cuz I think it rulez and it works very well for what I do ). I did notice some problems trying to resize windows, but I probably need to reboot to fix that ;-) . As a desktop environment I use gnome2. It works well for me although I haven't been able to compile the latest and greatest ( darn it! )

About Nautilus, as I soon as I started it my Wmaker backgrounds ( I set them up with my wm not my dEnv ) disappeared automatically, and they were replace by a solid background ( again I am running gnome2 ) , and I suppose the code does that somehow ( although I'm not sure ). I didn't experience any lag thereofre, but then again, I am not a nautilus fan or user

About remote displays, I use VNC to control my Windows box, and it looks great. I notice a little lag but it's network not video related.

About performance, I didn't know about glxgears until I read this forum, so I don't know the values from my last Nvidia driver, but I played a movie and my "gutt" impression was that it was the same as before; even though, I was running a VNC session, the movie, a bunch of WMAker dock apps.. ( long life to the linux kernel ;-) )

This is all I have to say about my installation ( kind of long but one never knows what may be useful to others ... )

Have a great day
" To be is to be perceived"
--George Berkeley

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Default Switched to previous driver

After 3 hours of using the new drivers ( 4191 ), my PC started to have the same conflicts with the 'i8k' module ( look above for more info ). I will try to read some of the documentation before jumping to any conclusions. I also have a question for anybody out there: I was looking for the "agp" module used by my kernel, and I couldn't find it. I did not compile the 'agpgart' module and nowhere in my list of modules ( lsmod ) do I see the nvidia one?? I know I am missing something ( my lack of knowledge about AGP and what it does, means ) but I would appreciate some input on this matter

PD: I my XFreelog, nonetheless, I do see that tha AGP functionality of my card is enabled and talking with the kernel.
" To be is to be perceived"
--George Berkeley
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With the nVidia drivers, if you use the internal NvAGP AGP driver, you don't get another module like you would with agpgart. It's internal, integrated into the NVdriver (... well, formerly NVdriver, now nvidia.o) module.

Here's a thought on the problem though -- could it be APM or ACPI related? Do you know what i8kfan uses to control the fan speeds? It may not be a conflict between two modules as much as just an APM or ACPI call that i8kfan uses that the video card module can't handle properly.

I assume you found out that i8kfan was the problem by running it manually or something?
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