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Question 6600gt works fine in 2d but will not work in 3d

im so stressed out. loaded evga 6600gt agp card in my dell 4600i yesterday and runs windows and 2d games perfectly. but everytime i try to play counter-strike source, it dumps physical memory and makes me reboot. any ideas on what could be causing this?
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Default Re: 6600gt works fine in 2d but will not work in 3d

If you post (zip+attach) the dump maybe someone could check it out and give you an accurate reason as to why it's rebooting on you.
Myself, I don't know which end is up on those files.

A couple ideas though...
1) Power supply. What's the wattage and the rating on the +12v rail?
2) Drivers (both motherboard and video drivers). Make sure you have the latest of both.
3) Heat. But that usually just gives you artifacts and/or causes the card to downclock.

What version of Windows are you running?
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Default Re: 6600gt works fine in 2d but will not work in 3d

Yes really need to know what you are running in your computer,ever time I have a problem where it runs fine in windows and does'nt in 3D apps,it is usally a sign that your power suppy is not giveing it enough power,
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