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John Jason Jordan
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Question Apple 30" Cinema Display with 64-bit Linux. Doable?

Planning on building myself a new desktop. While shopping at CompUSA today I saw a 30" Apple Cinema Display running at 2560 x 1200. I cannot live without this monitor! Only problem is, I don't, like Apple OS, I also hate Windows, and some of the software I use runs only on Linux. I use Ubuntu-64 Breezy on my Compaq R3240 laptop at 1680 x 1050 and I love it.

After googling for a bit I discovered that this monitor apparently needs an Nvidia GeForce 6600, and apparently with 256 Mb RAM. That led me here to ask a bunch of questions. But first, please note that my needs do NOT include gaming. I have zero interest in gaming. I just need acres and acres of screen real estate. Think "Texas-size ranch" real estate. I also want reasonably quick screen refresh rates, but the one on display at CompUSA seemed more than adequate. So now, here are some questions:

1) I am unclear about what "Nvidia GeForce 6600" means. It appears that this is just a chip, and that various card manufacturers use it. Is this correct? If so, what manufacturers are recommended?

2) Am I correct in assuming that the Nvidia GeForce 6600 will run this monitor at 2560 x 1200 and at least 24-bit color? If not, what will? And how much RAM is needed to get 2560 x 1200 at 24-bit color?

3) I note that there seem to be later versions of the GeForce series. Why should I get a later one? (Features, speed, etc.) And which one is recommended?

4) The new computer will be pretty standard except that it will have a lot of RAM (2 Gb), one reasonably fast but very large hard drive, at least one cutting edge DVD burner and probably two of them, and maybe I want a TV tuner as well. It will definitely have a dual-core AMD CPU, but to save money, several steps below the latest release. I don't need speed, just lots of screen real estate. And it will run Ubuntu-64 Breezy only -- no dual boots for the blond boy. Does anyone have any recommendations for motherboards?

5) I am sure Apple, Inc. did not manufacture this monitor. Is it available under a different badge and, if so, what is it? And are there any other 30-inch LCD displays from other manufacturers that will do 2560 x 1200? (To anticipate an expected response, please save your breath about dual monitors -- tried it, hated it.)

6) Is there by any chance someone out there who is already running a 30" monitor at 2560 x 1200 under Linux? If so DETAILS PLEASE!

Thanks in advance for any answers and suggestions!
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Default Re: Apple 30" Cinema Display with 64-bit Linux. Doable?

No, you don't need a 6600.

You need a card with dual-link DVI. Do a search, this has been discussed often. Newegg has a 6600GT for $160 that has one dual-link DVI (marked as ready for Apple 30").

Then you probably need to manually give a modeline in the Linux drivers. Maybe that is fixed in the newer drivers.

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Default Re: Apple 30" Cinema Display with 64-bit Linux. Doable?

My system is pretty much the same as what you are thinking of building.
apple 30" monitor, amd64, 2GB memory, geforce 7800 gtx 256MB w/ ubuntu 64bit breezy.

Its working really well for me. The extra Im not sure what all vid cards will work w/ it but it has to have the dual link feature on at least one of the dvi connections.
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