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Default biig problems.. need help for a noob

Ok well im a noob at linux.. just use it mostly for school and perl programming running Fedora Core 4 no upgrades or nothing on my toshiba satellite laptop with a Nvidia Geforce4 420 Go. I decided to try upgrading the driver for the card and all was well when it rebooted and when it tries to boot goes to a blank screen and freezes.. no activity whatsoever.

Now i'm just going to Uninstall considering it probably won't work but I can't get it to boot so I can't access it that way. I have now reverted to the install disc and Rescue mode but I'm not sure what the installer did I can't find anything named "nvidia-installer" to uninstall.. it wasnt an rpm it was the *pkg1.run file.

sorry for my noobness and doing stupid things,

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: biig problems.. need help for a noob

ok i got it to uninstall the drivers now x wont start because it cannot find the nvidia driver
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Default Re: biig problems.. need help for a noob

Hi technixx!

I'd suggest you to try this: if you have access to you root partition in some way (e.g. with fedora's boot disk), edit the file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf, with an editor of your choice (emacs, or pico, or nano sould work well). There you should find a section similar to this one:

Section "Device"
Identifier "blah blah video card"
Driver "nvidia"

Now comment out the "Driver" line (by adding a # at the line beginning), and add this one:
Driver "vesa"

Now at least X should start. However, you'll have no 2d nor 3d acceleration.

If you wish to try at least 2D accel, replace the mentioned line with this one:
Driver "nv".

If you have any question, or need help for booting in text mode or whatever, just post here,


Laptop HP Pavilion zv5000: AMD Athlon 3000+ (32 bit); Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go! 64 Mb, 8774 driver revision; 768 MB PCI2700; nForce3 mobo chipset and audiocard, other uninteresting stuff... Debian unstable-experimental, custom 2.6.17 kernel debian-patched
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