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Old 09-27-02, 08:33 AM   #37
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Help please!
I have got Aopen Geforce 3 Ti 200 and Mandrake 8.2.
I have done all according to instructions but I have only black screen when I`m starting X Windows. What have i done wrong?
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Default you are not going to get ne help here buddy!

sorry no help from nvidia

we are all sleeping !
no time for this .
we have other important works to do like
designing nv30x or some bull ****

so come back later
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Exclamation And One other thing...

I fought for hours, Doing EVERYTHING the docs said to do, untill I finally tore into the /var/log/messages file, and proceded to beat My head against the wall.

in the BIOS:

you MUST assign an IRQ to AGP/VGA!!!!

if you do not, the driver cannot find it!!!!

this one little thing made the difference between it droping back to init3, and X starting properly, with that happy, happy nVidia logo...

if You too are having problems figuring it out, check your BIOS.
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I don`t have such assign in my BIOS I have Asus Cusl2-c and my default IRQ (in PCI Map) is 11 for my display device.
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Post For those who wish to install using the Sources

Ok for those of you who do wish to install the nvidia drivers using the SOURCE rpms heres what you do:

First you need rpmbuild installed, as well as your kernel source files...If not, it wont work (most all distros come with rpmbuild installed already, so you shouldnt have to worry about that one..) If you dont have the kernel source files install them (located on your distro's cd somewhere

Ok, download the source files (glx, and kernel) This part is a no brainer.

1: Load up (place your choice of terminal here) and log in as root (su root) if you arent already.

2: Go to the directory where you downloaded the files and type:

rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA*

Now this will save the files to /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i586/ so you'll need to change to that directory to install the compiled sources.

3: Once in /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i586/
(note: It might also save them in a different directory under /RPMS/ eg:Athlon, i486, i686 etc.. depending on your processor)

Type the following:

rpm -ivh NVIDIA*

If you get an errror saying that they are already installed type the following:

rpm -ivh --replacepkgs NVIDIA*

and watch it install...

4: Next you need to modify your XF86Config-4 file... Change to /etc/X11/ and either pico (or emacs) XF86Config-4 and put these in:

Find the Modules Section:
and type Load "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.so"
You can also do as the other people have posted and put

Load "glx"
But I perfer putting the whole path as to avoid any problems.

Next go to the "Drivers" part of the file and replace whatever is in the Driver section and put "nvidia"

5: Now you can run either gdm (if you have GNOME) or startx (if in command line mode, wouldnt do it if your still in X hehe, just a little warning...)

And enjoy!

Now for those people who have the enterprise kernel you need to recompile the sources.. and then run
rpm -ivh --replacepkgs NVIDIA* command to reinstall the new packages for your enterprise kernel.
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I'm not goning to start another thread because it's pointless so I will ask here. How do you specify the refresh rates for each resolution?

I'm using a Viewsonic 19 inch P95f+
Here are specs for it:

HorizSync 30.0 - 110
VertRefresh 50.0 - 160.0

Will the refresh rate change automatically depending on the screen res? Or is it supposed to be coded in the Section "Screen" ?


does this look right for the modeline section?

Modeline "1280x960@100" 219.94 1280 1312 2144 2176 960 976 992 1009
[b]Optimization guidelines by Koji Ashida of NVIDIA:[/b][list][*]Use fx12 instructions whenever possible[*]Use lowest pixel shader version[/list][url=http://developer.nvidia.com/docs/IO/10878/ChinaJoy2004_OptimizationAndTools.pdf]source[/url]

[size=1]The politics are invading the technology. We don't really like to mess with politics because that kind of adversarial relationship has nothing to do with pure technical operations and the technical specifications of what we like to play with, the hardware![/size]

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I have installed successfully on one of my machines which uses a MAG 810FD. But I failed to install the driver on the one which uses a Acer 78g.(Both use the same Geforce2 Pro)

The log shows " screen founds ,but no usable configuation "

Please help me.
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Old 10-15-02, 04:12 PM   #44
Miki Liki
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volt, this is question that I am also looking for an answer:
how you specify refresh rate of your monitor/gc?

Yast2/Sax2 does it by itself, what is causing problems in my case.
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Old 10-20-02, 08:27 PM   #45
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Using the nv_check.sh reports the following:

First lets make sure you don't have the old modules still present
by mistake...
Checking /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.a...
Checking /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libGLcore.a...
You don't appear to have any conflicting older drivers. Now lets check
if the new driver files are in place...
Checking /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.o...
Checking /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.so...
Checking /usr/lib/libGL.so...
libGLcore.so.1 => /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1 (0x4005a000)
Checking /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1...
All the files seem to exist. Now I'm going to see if your kernel
module is loaded correctly...
NVdriver 1066400 10 (autoclean)
The kernel device /dev/nvidia1 does not exist, is not a device,
or does not have the proper permissions set. This dev entry should
have been created when you created the kernel module. If you
compiled the module by hand, you may have to create this device
manually (major number 195, minor number 1). After this is done,
please run this script again.

HUH? /dev only shows an "nvidia0" and an "nvidiact1", not an "nvidia1" as described in the test. X seems to work, I get the Nvidia splash screen, etc.

GeForce 4 Ti4600
Asus P4S533
Mandrake 9.0

I ran the test and posted this reply because I'm still trying to figure out why

[root@BIGGUN2 downloads]# cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status
Status: Disabled

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Crush K8
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Lightbulb 99.5% there.... assist please RH7.3

Hello everyone.
Firstly let me thank everyone here. I bought my gf a AMD 1700 w/ an ASUS A7N-266 VM mobo and RedHat 7.3. Uses nForce chipset.

So with the help of this forum I got it all to work. Network works, video, everything...well almost. Seems the sound is quite funny. Upon a restart X loads and everything is fine, except if I try to open mixer, it fails and so does XMMS... however if I start Tux Racer there is no sound, BUT when I quit Tux racer suddenly sound works everywhere... the first time Tux racer loads no sound... subsequent times sound... odd

SO if I want to have some sound I have to open Tux racer first... this seems odd.. however being a complete Linux noobie.. I could use some assistance. If there is a command I need to execute could you please tell me how to do it. I don;t want to ask too much but if you could be VERY descriptive if I need to use the CLI... I know how to log in as root and stuff... I got the rpm instructions to work afterall... but I will need more info than run command XXX...

thanks in advance!


P.S. FWIW I cannot get sndconfig to recognize the onboard sound... BUT in the gnome HW browser it shows up and is using the i810_audio driver.
RH 7.3 2.4.18_3
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Old 10-21-02, 11:52 PM   #47
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Default Please Help

Someone please...?

I have now tried everything that I can think of... has anyone else had problems with sound?

Thanks in advance.

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Old 11-13-02, 01:55 AM   #48
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Default ...

Sorry for my English

May be I can help, but I didn't understood what sound card are you using ? Integrated in nforce ?
Abit ST-6.
Celeron Tualatin 1200@1560 Mhz. (1.825 Vcore).
384 MB PC-133 SDRAM.
GeForce 2 Ti @[286 core/472 Memory]

"Noname" =) Sound card base on Cmi 8738 chipset [6 channel audio, connected to Microlab M-1000 5.1 audio system]

Kworld TV-FM-Tuner.
Genius Ethernet Adapter on RTL8139 Chipset.

Maxtor 60 GB HDD. [Ata 133@Ata 100 cos of the motherboard]
Asus 50x CD, Teac 540E CD-RW.

Win98Se (and it rocks) & and all software is illegal. **** off Microsoft.
**** off Borland.They'll never get my money
Linux RH 7.2.

Display - ViewSonic VX 500 LCD.
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