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Default Xbox Overtakes GC In Europe


Chart-Track and GfK numbers for the 2002 calendar year indicate that Xbox has well exceeded the million-console mark in the UK, France, and Germany alone. This, combined with strong sales in the rest of the region, places Xbox well ahead of Nintendo's GameCube. Based on the figures from Chart-Track and GfK during the key retail month of December, Xbox outsold GameCube by a factor of 2:1. This phenomenal result clearly established Xbox as the number-two player in the region heading into 2003.
interesting. i would say that Xbox must be a slim #2 in Europe then.

edit: for comparison, back in early December we have these figures
XBX 700,000
GCN 850,000
PS2 9,000,000
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I think what let Nintendo down was a lack of a good games bundle, and also the lack of respect for us europeans. Especially after their price fixing us for years.

I now just noticed that they are bundling the GC with a game, but in the US only.
Do we europeans miss out again ?

I want the GC to succeed, as I've always had a passion for Nintendo games ever since the NES days.
But lately, they've lost that NES/SNES magic. Even the N64 had some classics.

Even though I own all 3 consoles, I'm now going back to retro for now, as the magic is still there and will always be there.
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wasn't Xbox launch price ridiculously high?

anyway, i, among others, feel that GC already has better games than N64 ever did. that console was the reason i didn't buy a GC(well, no, not really). basically because i couldn't trust good future games coming out, or any good 3rd party games coming out.

seeing what GC has to offer i would say it's not a bad console standalone, nor in comparison to others. can't say i felt the same about N64. don't get me wrong, N64 had some good games, but the majority of them were trash. especially when we had claims from Nintendo about N64 being the "fun machine" and that there would be fewer games available, but all of them would have great quality. what rubbish that was. almost all of the good games for N64 came straight from Nintendo.

GC has some decent 3rd party support.
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I think the GC is more for the Nintendo die-hards and families who want to get a console with good games for their kids. The GC has some decent games, but not enough to warrant my interest in getting one, especially since my roommate already has one.
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I'm thinkin about both, but I don't yet have wads of cash available

I mean, stuff like Eternal Darkness looks really cool. I can do without Metroid and Mario and whatever else they bring back from the 90s.
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