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Default Re: Frame rate and SLI problems

Originally Posted by OWA
Okay good, thanks for the confirmation. I start to wonder if I'm doing something wrong if I'm the only one seeing it.

Couple more, looking back over the water this time. Still shows a 20fps increase with SLI.


Different area (stables), a more taxing area. Only see 11 fps increase here (14 vs 25).


Low framerate area just inside the Imperial City door (17 single vs 29 SLI).

do you have v-sync enabled?
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Default Re: Frame rate and SLI problems

No but I'll double check to make absolutely sure. Actually, I'm sure by just looking at my results above. If you notice my max save 17 fps are much higher than 60 in the SLI results.
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Default Re: Frame rate and SLI problems

I'm using windows 64 and I can't get sli to work properly in this game. Everytime I set sli to "Yes" in the renderinfo.txt it resets after I go in game. Even if I make it read only I still get 20fps. Worked fine in windows xp....I got 40fps most of the time.
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Default Re: Frame rate and SLI problems

Hi there ("here, look, a newcomer !" ) !

Seems I've got the same problem...

I'm having a hard time getting the most of SLi on my rig (X2 4800+, 2GB Corsair, 7800 GTX SLi, Win XP Pro x64, latest x64 Beta Forceware from nzone).
I realized that the SLi renderer info in the "RendererInfo.txt" was set to "No".
So I tried the following method:

Originally Posted by imakandi
Do you have "SLI mode : yes" in RendererInfo.txt? If you don't try do this:
- delete/rename Oblivion.ini
- delete/rename RendererInfo.txt
- enable SLI
- run oblivion
- check RendererInfo.txt
try now.

Note: These files are located under the /My Documents/My Games/Oblivion/ folder.
And it still keeps stating "No".

Any idea on how to fix this ?

Thanks a lot.
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