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Phil Anderson
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Default Re: 8756 and TVOut at 720x480 stopped working

Originally Posted by kraney
I also had custom modelines "verbosely accepted" on 8178 and on 7676. They were silently dropped on some short-lived version in between there, but a quick fix was release within a couple of weeks when that happened.

I can be quite sure the custom modes were being used because
a) when they stopped working my resolution dropped to 640x480
b) the standard mode, once I changed to it, had timings different enough that I had to readjust the positioning of the video on the screen to make it fit correctly.
I agree with kraney, and saw the same behaviour.

In Australia (PAL-N), our TV feeds come through in 576 lines, 50hz interlaced. In order to get good picture, wee need to have a 576/50i video mode, so that we don't get blur, staggered pics, etc from mythtv. Previously I was able to get it all going with deinterlacing turned off entirly in mythtv with almost perfect quality. Now that it doesn't pick up my modeline, it really sucks.... it jumps into 1024x768 and the picture looks woefull
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Default Re: 8756 and TVOut at 720x480 stopped working

It would seem that I have tried every combination of settings in xorg.conf and nothing has made 480i mode work with driver 8756. The Xorg log file implies that my TV is not being detected, therefore it doesn't output a signal.

I am using the HD480i mode through component video. My video card is a Leadtek A6600GT TDH (AGP) which has composite, component, and s-video outputs. The bios on the card is version from here.

OS: Ubuntu 5.10
Xorg version: 6.8.2-77 20051010174523

Driver version 8178 has no problem with sending a video signal to my TV. Several combinations of ConnectedMonitor and UseDisplayDevice settings have been tried, but nothing has made any difference. Xorg continues to tell me "Unable to find available Display Devices for screen 1."

I have attached my xorg.conf and the bug report. The bug report exceeds 100k so the files have been compressed.
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NVIDIA Corporation
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Default Re: 8756 and TVOut at 720x480 stopped working

I have a few questions:
0) Is your TV connected directly to the videocard, or are there any intermediary cables/adapters beyond the component cables?
1) Can you try removing the ConnectedMonitor option for the DFP (X screen 0), and see if that has any impact?
2) Have you tried using TwinView instead of 2 X screens?
3) Have you tried adding the TVOutFormat option to your X configuration?

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Default Re: 8756 and TVOut at 720x480 stopped working

Thank you for your reply. My TV is connected directly through a high quality shielded cable with a 75 Ohm characteristic impedance.

Removing the ConnectedMonitor option from both screen 0 and screen 1 has fixed the problem. Thank-you! Previously I had only experimented with options in Screen 1 (the TV section) because I hadn't thought that options in the section for the LCD would affect the TV.

I hadn't set TVOutFormat as I wouldn't know what to set it to for component video. In the previous driver version (8178) I had tried setting TVOutFormat to "component" only to read in the Xorg log file that it can only be set to "composite" or "svideo". Leaving the option out seemed to work lovely.

Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate Nvidia's continued support for the Linux crowd
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