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Default Vanguard E3 Preview!

Heres a nice write up about the game, lots of info aswell.


I found right off that I could adjust things like my character’s arm mass, arm length, shoulder mass and torso scale in minute detail. Gone are the enormous mitten-like hands present in some MMO’s—there’s a hand scale adjustment. And yes, Virginia , there are boob sliders (well, Sigil calls it “breast scale,” but again…what fun is that?). And not only can you tweak those particular assets size-wise, you can also adjust them for perkiness (that’s called “lift.”) There’s also, in the same customization area, a slider for “mood,” (which may or may not be related to the ability to have cut an impressive figure, chest-wise). Mood changes the character’s facial expression from ornery to cheerful and everywhere in between.
Williams showed me how his pscionicist could chain spells together. Icons appear on the screen suggesting spells to cast, including a starter, a bridge, and a finishing spell. Combined, these make for a more potent attack. It seems that chains function on a single-character level, but Williams says, “We have something called ‘sympathetics.’ Luck of the draw…we don’t have any good sympathetics set up today. I mean, we don’t have a good group for it. But if I were to group up with a sorcerer, say, they’re so good at sympathetics that it’s almost like a ping-pong game. With great knowledge of your class, you can ping-pong back and forth, and the level of damage you’ll be able to do,” he gives an almost sinister chuckle, “…it’s just incredible.”

As I watched, an icon appeared on the lower area of the screen. “What’s happening here is, certain classes have what we call Perception, which means that if a caster mob is casting a spell, I can sense what he’s about to cast, and I have the ability to counter that.” Williams quickly shut the caster down. “This is one of my favorite things about this class,” he enthused.
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Default Re: Vanguard E3 Preview!

e~~~ just a bit...
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