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Default Multiple X Screens don't work with 8756?

I'm running MSI K8NGM2-FID (6150+430) with Ubuntu Dapper Drake. I was using nVidia 8178 drivers. I would like to upgrade to 8756 because aiui from searching these forums for "8178 xvmc 6150", XvMC does not work with the 6150. I'm unable to watch live HDTV in mythTV without skips/artifacts because my CPU utilization is pegged - I'm hoping having XvMC will fix that.

I have a Dell 1800FP (1280x1024) and a Syntax Olevia LT37HVS 37" LCD HDTV. I'm using CRT-0 to output to the Dell and DFP-0 (DVI->HDMI cable) to output to the Syntax. I was unable to get twinview to work without panning yet with filling the full screen on the Syntax (mostly trying with Mplayer I ether got 4:3 squished black bars on the side, 2.35:1 squished with black bars on the top/bottom, or the bottom of the video would be cutoff). So I went to multiple X screens which works fine with 8178, the Syntax resolution is at 1280x720 (using a modeline) and the Dell is at 1280x1024. When I upgraded to 8756 multiple X screens no longer works and I get "(EE) NVIDIA(1): Unable to find available Display Devices for screen 1." I've tried switching which device is screen 1 but it still doesn't work i.e., if I use the Dell as screen 0 then the Dell works if I use the Syntax as screen 0 then the Syntax works.

I went back and forth between drivers (using --uninstall option) to confirm that by just changing the driver it would change whether it worked or not.

Attached are installer logs and "startx -- logverbose 5" nVidia bug reports from both 8178 and 8756.

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Default Re: Multiple X Screens don't work with 8756?

I suspect this problem may be due to your usage of the ConnectedMonitor option, which was never meant for the use case that you've employed. Are both display devices connected & powered on when you booted your computer?

If removing both ConnectedMonitor instances from your X configuration doesn't help, please generate an updated bug report.

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Default Re: Multiple X Screens don't work with 8756?

maybe related , switched on my multiple screen from:

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "tv"
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "TV"

May work with

Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP"
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Default Re: Multiple X Screens don't work with 8756?


I did both, deleted the ConnectedMonitor and added the UseDisplayDevice, and it works.
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