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Default General Programming Help

While this is specifically related to Flash, it is a general programming question.

I have a project that involves a zooming image and five images to choose from to be zoomed. There are five thumbnails, each with the fabric swatches being changed in the image (itís a picture of a dining room). When you roll over the thumbnail, there is an area to left of the zooming window (which is above the thumbnails) that has the fabric names appear and when the mouse leaves the thumbnail, the text fades out.

My boss wants it to be so that when you click on a thumbnail, whatever the information is stays in that area, even after the mouse leaving the thumbnail. If you go to other thumbnails, that information should show up, replacing the active pictureís information, but once the mouse leaves those, the active information is back.

Iíve got it working. Kind of. I have to have each caption on a separate layer which introduces problems. So for A, which is the lowest layer, when you click on it, the text stays after mousing off, and if you move to one of the other four thumbnails (B-E), the correct text shows and disappears, leaving the A text there, as it should.

But if you click B, A will never been seen again, since itís below B. Click C, and you can see D and E fine, but not B or A. This goes on until E when you can only see the content for E and nothing else.

I have been working on this all day, and Iím getting better with coding, but am definitely not any sort of programming genius. Has anyone done something similar to what Iím trying to get and if so, even if it isnít in flash, how did you do it? I just need ideas/things to try out to get it to work.

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