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Default Change TwinView modes while running X

I have aN Nvidia GeForce4 420 GO 32M on my HP TC1100 tablet PC. I have TwinView working nicely, althought I only specified three options:
Option         "TwinView"
Option         "Metamodes"    "1280x1024,1024x768; 1024x768,1024x768"
Option         "TwinViewOrientation"    "LeftOf"
I'm assuming it's ok to run it like this without having specified the horizontal sync and refresh rate as it's working fine!

One odd thing I noticed for anyone with the same card on the same tablet, the external monitor is seen as monitor 1 and the screen as monitor 2. Slightly odd, but not a major problem.

I was about to ask how do I switch modes as CTRL-ALT-PLUS wasn't working. However, on many laptop keyboards, the plus key is only available above equals (SHIFT-EQUALS). This doesn't work. You need to use either NUM-LOCK or FN and use the numerical plus key on the keyboard. It took me ages to figure this out so thought it might be useful for anyone else having the same problem.

Good luck - Callum.
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Default Re: Change TwinView modes while running X

Hey thanks! CTRL-ALT-FN-+ (the BLUE plus on the / ? key) works! Much appreciated.
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Default Re: Change TwinView modes while running X

Perhaps xrandr is more usefull. When you use ctrl-alt-+/- your 2x 1024x768 is a 'virtual' 2*1280x1024. If you use xrandr (likely it is xrandr -s 1 in your case) you will switch to a 'real' 2x 1024x768.
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