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Default 177.80 removes antialiasing modes

177.80 deleted a number of antialiasing modes (__GL_FSAA_MODE settings), including it appears all of the supersampling modes. This is a bug, right?

Sure hope so as we were using one of the deleted supersampling modes on GeForce 8.

To be specific, the following were the GeForce 8 modes listed as valiid in the NVidia README prior to 177.80 (e.g. 177.13).

    __GL_FSAA_MODE  GeForce 8xxx, G8xGL
    0               FSAA disabled
    1               2x Bilinear Multisampling
    2               FSAA disabled
    3               FSAA disabled
    4               4x Bilinear Multisampling
    5               FSAA disabled
    6               FSAA disabled
    7               4x Bilinear Multisampling by 4x Supersampling
    8               FSAA disabled
    9               8x Bilinear Multisampling
    10              8x
    11              16x
    12              16xQ
    13              8x Bilinear Multisampling by 4x Supersampling
Now, no such list exists in README and it redirects you to the output of nvidia-settings, which on a GeForce 8800GTX:

   > nvidia-settings --query=fsaa --verbose
     Attribute 'FSAA' (irad0012:0.0): 0.
       Valid values for 'FSAA' are: 0, 1, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 12.
       'FSAA' can use the following target types: X Screen.

       Names for valid 'FSAA' values:
          0 - Off
          1 - 2x (2xMS)
          5 - 4x (4xMS)
          7 - 8x (4xMS, 4xCS)
          8 - 16x (4xMS, 12xCS)
         10 - 8x (8xMS)
         12 - 16x (8xMS, 8xCS)
Seems there's multisample and coverage sample modes, but no supersample.

System info attached.
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