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Default Re: Fedora Rawhide + 8756 = Signal 11

This bug appears to be related to Xcomposite 1.3. Xservers that incorporate this extension, including the current version in cvs, segfault at various points when used with the nVidia drivers.

I am keen to try and get an xserver with Xcomposite 1.3 working with the nVidia drivers to get the libcm library used by metacity to work without using glXBindTexImageEXT.
I have made progress using glCopyTexSubImage2D on the front left buffer of a GLXPixmap. However, that only works with the version of libcm shipped with metacity in Fedora 5 core . The libcm in cvs needs Xcomposite 1.3 and is much less tractable.

I have built xservers incorporating part of the Xcomposite 1.3 extension that segfault during the loading of the GLX extension, and ones that segfault as soon as the nvidia_drv starts to load (the xserver in cvs does this). My guess is that the code which implements GLX with the composite extension is segfaulting in response to the new behaviour incorporated in Xcomposite 1.3 (or the associated version of XFixes).

If I am wrong and you are aware of a version of the xserver that works with nVidia and incorporates Xcomposite 1.3, then I would be very grateful to know.
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Default Re: Fedora Rawhide + 8756 = Signal 11

This is a known ABI compatibility problem, please see https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6924.
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