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Default Curious

Is there any advantage for a Linux user to change the disk label from ms-dos to BSD? Would this enhance the performance of other Linux distros? Can it be done? Temporarily, I'm running Windows(yeah, yeah, I should hang my head and be properly ashamed of myself), because of an inability to locate Nvidia Drivers for Xandros, which is a version of debian.
I also have Linux SuSe 10.0 on CD, but are there any drivers available for it?
Please be patient, this is still pretty new to me!
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Default Re: Curious

SUSE 10.0 is a boxed retail set, comes with NVidia drivers via the updater. No there are no performance advantages for changing a disk label, that makes no sense. It'd just screw up compatibility. No distro except SUSE comes with its own set of NVidia drivers. You download the kernel-devel packages for your distro, compile the kernel if necessary, download the .run file from the linux page on NVidia's driver download page, then run the .run file from the command-line and it'll build itself for your system, may it be Debian, Slackware, Fedora, Red Hat, etc. On SUSE, you can also do this, but they have their own so you're best to use theirs. You want ia32 aka i386/x86 version, unless you have an AMD64 system running a 64-bit version of GNU/Linux. Hope this answers your question.
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