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Default "Compiz: No RandR Extension" and no DBE


I just jumped ship from the ATI camp and am having a small problem.

Whenever I try to run Compiz it throws the above error.

The wierd thing is that xdpyinfo says no randr extemsion is loaded, but the xorg log (from startx -- -logverbose 5) says it is.

Any ideas?
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Default Re: Compiz: No RandR Extension

XGL is an Xserver running on top of another Xserver. The 'first' Xserver uses the nvidia drivers for 2d rendering and supports lots of extensions like GLX, Xv, RandR and so on. The XGL server only uses the 'first' server for rendering and input. If you want to use an extension like RandR the XGL server must implement this extension. Right now XGL only implements a few extensions like Xv and GLX. (The GLX is not the GLX from the 'first' Xserver)

So the problem you are seeing is normal and is not related to the nvidia drivers but to the working of XGL. If you need RandR, disable XGL.

I would just wait till the nvidia drivers support AIGLX (compiz is ported to it) and then you will have RandR support. (AIGLX doesn't suffer from the extension issue as you only use one Xserver which is directly rendered using the nvidia drivers)
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Default Re: Compiz: No RandR Extension


Thanks for that, but I think I have another problem along the same lines.

I run conky and it's telling me that it can't find the double buffer extension. The Xorg log shows that it has loaded, but again xdpyinfo doesnt.
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