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Question Xandros Desktop OS Version 3??? Good or not?

Is Xandros Desktop OS Version 3 a good OS? Can you play video games using that OS(Call of Duty 2, Guild Wars, ect.)?

What are its ups and downs?

Oh yea, what is a Distro???

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Default Re: Xandros Desktop OS Version 3??? Good or not?

Ok, your odviosly a linux nooby

First off, ive never used xandros because it costs money and there are better free distros, Distros (distributions) are different versions of linux with different packages, most come with all your basic needs (audio/video codecs, office suit, web browser, some little games). No you can not NATIVLY play those games although you may be able to with a emulation layer which allows you to run windows programs on linux, there are also native commercial games UT (all of them), quake/doom (all of them), Neverwinter Nights, and a few more. I would suggest trying SuSE or Ubuntu to start off sense their freely avalible
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Default Re: Xandros Desktop OS Version 3??? Good or not?

Call of Duty 2 doesn't work on Linux (via Cedega, the Windows game wrapper). Guild Wars, on the other hand works. I suggest using SuSE Linux since I find it's the perfect combination of ease of use and power.

NOTE: Cedega does cost some $$$. $5/month subscription required (min. 3 months).

Here's a list of games that do work on Cedega: http://transgaming.org/gamesdb/

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Default Re: Xandros Desktop OS Version 3??? Good or not?

Xandros is a good distribution and there is also an free version of it. It was the first linux distro I used without a dual boot with windows. It was also the first distro I used where everything just worked and it's debian based.

Otherwise try Mepis or Ubuntu. When You are a windows user Ubuntu can be a little weird (Gnome desktop and almost no applications).
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