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Lightbulb Xvideo, Interlaced modes and SCART RGB ADAPTER

I have a GeForce2 Ti and I wonder why does the nv driver provided by xfree86.org can display correctly modes _like_
Modeline "1024x576" 17.5 1024 984 1072 1120 576 580 585 625 Interlace -hsync
-vsync # 50i Hz
on my 16/9 TV thru my home-made VGA->RGB_SCART adapter.

Nvidia driver doesn't set correctly interlaced modes, Why? Can I put my $15 home-made cable in the bin ?

Is support planned for XVideo extension with
interlaced modes ? ( XV and Interlaced are
incompatible with xfree86's nv driver )

I noticed two regressions in 4149 driver from
- When tv-out (C/Y) is activated, XV drawing is not in phase with vsync.
- A second X server need to be hidden and redisplayed with chvt(1) to draw correctly.
( vertical black & white lines bug ).

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I have the same problem with NVidia Riva Ultra 64. Interlace mode does not work, even if X server report that works. The vertical refresh is 25Hz not 50Hz; it's like the same modeline without 'interlace'. Tryed with 3123 and 4191 drivers on SuSE 7.3 . Must report to NVidia or maybe modify the nvidia sources with code from XFree86.
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