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Default Driving three 40"+ LCD Displays

I would appreciate a recommedation/suggestion for setting up a display system.
Basically, I am developing a monitoring application in Java, running on a linux box. The app is divided into three screens, and I can display each of the screens on a separate monitor (I am using two PNY NVIDIA 7600 GS cards with "standard" 19" LCD monitors).
What I want to do is to display the screens on three 40" (or higher) LCD displays that would be hung on the wall. The two aspects of this setup I am a bit unclear are as follows: TwinView vs separate X Screens, and the options for driving the displays.
If I go with TwinView, I am limited to a 2560x1600 resolution (max resolution of the cards), which is a bit tight. If I go with separate X Screens I'd have to programmatically open windows on separate monitors/screens (which I don't know yet how to implement in Java). I someone can point me to a resource on how to do it that would be great.
To display the images, I have the following options:
1. VGA/DVI input on a LCD panels
2. Composite input on the LCD
3. HDMI input
I think that VGA/DVI would be ideal, since I can drive 1366x768 LCD directly off the cards. If I go with composite/hdmi, my screen resolution would not matter, since the image will be adjusted to the HDTV size.
I would appreciate any comments,suggestions, and correction on how to implement such a system.
TIA, Paul Z.
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Default Re: Driving three 40"+ LCD Displays

Concerning the maximum resolution of 2560x1600 pixels:
I'm pretty sure that this info only refers to the maximum resolution
on the first output. The second output should be capable
of driving at least another 1600x1200. The retail box for my
7800GTX also said 2560x1600, but i'm driving two 1600x1200 LCDs in
twinview mode through DVI (3200x1200). The only problem could be
that the second DVI of your card may not be a dual link output and the
resolution might no go beyond 1600x1200 for the second LCD (or
1920x1200 depending on the vertical refresh rate, IIRC.)

I think you should use DVI out, because then you have a sane
display quality when you need to work on desktop level during
development, but agreed: for the monitoring application, three
times 768x576 would do it, assuming that the LCD have a
quality scaling-logic :-)

I guess for a monitoring application, seperate screens are the
best approach: in this case an application will only spread
amongst a single LCD when going into fullscreen mode - otherwise
(twinview/xinerama) it might span over two or even all three monitors.


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