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How does the A7V333 or the KT333 chipset don't support a 166bus if you unlock yhe XP it will easily do 333 for the proc and the memory runs at 333 .
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I never said the KT333 couldn't run a 166MHz CPU FSB clock; it's just not official. Besides, I don't think any Athlon CPU except the 2x00+ would easily support a 166MHz FSB clock stably, IMO.

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Well we should at least see how the Hammer will perform, as the Opteron line IS expected to ship this year. Hammer performance might be 1-5% less due to smaller cache and such, but it should give a pretty good estimate.

Also, I don't really doubt the Northbridge-on-chip solution, as that Hammer chip running at 800mhz that we saw previewed certainly kicked some butt.
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They might have to disable the northbridge on-chip, because of DDR-II coming out soon as well.
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I think VIA should skip a 333mhz bus and go for 400mhz.

Epox mobos can easily reach 200mhz (400 DDR) speeds even with the PCI/AGP overclocked.

Besides running the bus and memory asynchronously gives a neglible performance increase.
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you can overclock Athlon FSB's to 400?
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Here's another VIA embarrassment from Jasper of VIAHardware...

VIA officially announced their KT400 chipset for the AMD Athlon line of processors last week at QuakeCon. The live demo on the chipset was less then impressive however. Following up roughly 1000 people to watch John Carmack's speech, 15 people or so stuck around to watch what VIA had to show off. VIA had spent a lot of money to be at QuakeCon and to appeal to more of the gaming side of things, however the live demo of KT400 running Quake3 saw continued crashes. Overheating ram was blamed. Despite this embarrassing demo, VIA had great support from their motherboard partners who were showing off many KT400 boards as we showed you in our QuakeCon coverage.
So, let me get this straight: DDR 400 runs the Q3 and Doom 3 demos smoothly on Nforce, SiS, and Intel chipsets, but once its paired with the VIA KT400, the RAM suddenly and inexplicibly overheats resulting in crashes?!?

Sounds more like VIA dropped the ball again with their chipset!
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