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Question My CRT monitor went blank while using Linux/Debian...


A few hours ago, I was watching a long video (FLV file; not fullscreen) for about 30 minutes in GMPlayer on my Linux/Debian box (Linux foobar 2.6.14-2-k7 #1 Wed Dec 28 19:14:46 UTC 2005 i686 GNU/Linux) while my gaming/Windows box was doing SpinRite stuff (so far no errors, but I will resume overnight since it has 8 hours to go). Then, all the sudden my monitor's picture went black. Monitor said the video signal was still there (not blinking). Audio from my cheap Sony speakers stopped too. I thought my computer crashed hard, but it wasn't since I could still ssh into my box from another computer. I even tried ctrl-alt-backsapce to get out of X, but it didn't work(?). I didn't see any text console (I set to boot to text mode so I have to type startx command). Also, ps didn't show X and KDE running anymore so either I killed it or it died by itself.

My Windows XP Pro. SP2 (all updates) machine was still showing video and my desktop on the screen since it was hooked up to an old 4-ports (since the end of 2001) OmniCube KVM switch (VGA and PS/2 ports) with the Linux box. I looked, checked, and fiddled with the cables for KVM switch and connections to the Linux box. I rebooted the box via SSH (love text modes!), HDD light was stuck/hung forever (not doing anything like loading or stopping), no beeps, nothing on screen, etc. No go.

I decided to shut down (via SSH) the machine and power off for a few minutes (shut off power supply unit too). Again, I looked around for any weirdness like moved my case, unplug, replug, etc. Then, I powered back on, heard a beep (normal one), saw the bootup on screen, hit a key to stop at GRUB loader before loading Debian, ... and la la it works again!

Any ideas on what the heck happened or had this problem before? Dang it, I lost my 142 days of uptime. Still did not beat my 227 days from a few years ago! I hope this weirdness doesn't happen again!

Thank you in advance.
Ant @ The Ant Farm (http://antfarm.ma.cx) and Ant's Quality Foraged Links (http://aqfl.net).
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