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Question Getting a strange screen after installing drivers...

After installing the nvidia drivers, 3rd party rpms, etc., I still keep on coming to the same problem: The screen actually turns white(ish), sometimes brownish, strange... I guess "alien" looking patterns that look like something out of an idsoftware splash screen, it actually looks like my windows desktop if you look closely, as if the buffer for the video card wasn't cleared out or something from the last time I booted windows, and it's not giving any signal to the card, or the value is out of range maybe? there are also lines across the screen sometimes, and deep black areas towards the bottom of the screen, it doesn't look like something that's good for my laptop display, put it that way (and no this doesn't happen with windows or the default nv drivers that come with fedora 5).

It is NOT a problem with the driver installation, i'm running fedora core 5 (following the sticky and having no errors, YES I installed the smp kernel source, the sdk, and set the selinux flags), don't have the nvidia drivers on this site installed at the moment so I can't give a bug file and the only way to get one is to make my computer inoperable, have successfully installed the drivers and it puts me to this screen, at the moment i'm using 3rd party because if you use the nvidia it overwrites your old drivers (NOT THE XORG.CONF, I know how to back this up, it actually damages the old drivers, it actually says so on fedoras website).

Does anyone have an idea (speculation, anything, I don't care, but no i cannot give you a log as the nvidia drivers makes my computer not able to be usable in x, not because it doesn't run but because it gives me that screen, and there's no way to send it, and the 3rd party drivers do not include the error utility with them) as to what could be the cause of this? I was thinking out of range maybe but i've only seen a CRT go out of range and don't know what it'd look like on a laptop... I'm running Fedora 5 smp kernel on an alienware laptop, using a Go card, the drivers installed with no errors, xorg.conf is set up for nvidia, not nv, and yes I read the sticky, the drivers installed fine.

Any other "read this that won't help you any but I want to be an arrogant prick and act like you don't know what you're doing and send you to a site or a post as if you were a 3 year old" comments I didn't hit in the above, you can leave those out too. I've seen a couple of other people asking about this problem and have tried to get it addressed on a previous post, but everyone seemed to keep telling me how to install the drivers even though I told them I had sucessfully loaded them. Everyone else I've talked to having this problem were brushed off, it seems to be a bug in the Go drivers perhaps? Or maybe our monitor refresh is off? Can someone list POSSIBLE causes, I'll investigate them myself or post back with more info, I know you can't know for sure because you don't have logs, does anyone just have a GUESS?
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Angry Re: Getting a strange screen after installing drivers...

I'm having the exact same problem, tested on FC5/Ubuntu/Backtrack always the same garbage screen when gdm/x starts. Hopefully it will get resolved.

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