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Default RH8 and Abit NF7-S

After trying unsuccessfully for a few days, I stumbled across a tidbit that told me to install RH through text mode, and then installed the nforce drivers. Problem I run into is, how can I get the drivers into the Linux box? I would say I'm only one step removed from Linux newbie, so bear with me. My other computer (this one) is Windows XP. If I burn the files to a CD, will that CD be readable in Linux? I tried it with a floppy, since the drivers I get sent to from the Nvidia drivers page are very small, but wasn't able to read the floppy. Could have been something else I messed up though.

The problem I've run into is that the onboard 10/100 isn't active. I don't know how to get it working without a driver of some sort.

My ultimate goal with this machine is a SETI cruncher, and a learning platform.

Thanks, LiveDie
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The reason that it can't read the floppy is because it is formatted as an MSDOS disk (FAT or some variation there-of) However cdroms (for pc anyway - we'll all quite happily ignore macs) all use the same file system, so yes, if you burn it to a cdrom it should be readable in linux - thats how i achived it.
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