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Son Goku
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Default People's experiences with Outlook 2007?

After Windows Mail in Vista beta would not import my old messages store, and it looks as if it won't allow setting the store directory to a previously occupied one (unlike Outlook Express did), I'm thinking of moving my mail into Outlook 2007... Wondering what people's experiences with this has been. The 2 main things are:

- If old email stores imported successfully?

- If there's been opportunity to check this, how good has it been at being set to use an old mail store (as it's working one) on a new install, so that a format/reinstall, or a move to a new computer won't interupt one's ability to continue to use the mail program for old email archiving purposes.

Any experiences with this?
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Default Re: People's experiences with Outlook 2007?

I've got the beta here, but have never given it a try yet.
It's something I plan to do this week, using the new Word and have to say I love the new interface and not had any problems so far. Seems very stable.
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Default Re: People's experiences with Outlook 2007?

I had no problem pointing Outlook 2007 at my Outlook 2003 SP2 data stores. I kept it that way for about a week, and then went back to Outlook 2003.

Note of warning. Even though you can keep Outlook 2003 on your machine when you install 2007 beta, the 2003 version gets corrupted and is unusable. You will have to reinstall Office 2003 to fix it. Doing a repair after uninstalling 2007 is not sufficient. It's due to an issue with mapi32.dll. I'm hoping they will address it quickly so I can go back to testing Office 2K7.
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