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Old 02-06-03, 11:31 PM   #61
3 Eyed Fish
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well, i suppose i'll have to get a paypal account now...

count me in

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Old 02-06-03, 11:36 PM   #62
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I will gladly take the cash you have waiting for me. . .not. Ah what the heck, might as well try

I don't have a PayPal account nor know where or how to get one. Oh well.
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Old 02-07-03, 12:06 AM   #63
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Default Paypal me!

I've been meaning to figure out how to add a link to me paypal account anyways...I wanna put a "tips" link in me sig.... (Hey, it could work! )
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-R.Huddy[/I] [/SIZE]
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Old 02-07-03, 12:15 AM   #64
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lol it sucks being a lurker, I dont have any posts.
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Old 02-07-03, 12:20 AM   #65
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Yep, lurking isn't much fun.
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Old 02-07-03, 12:59 AM   #66
Dark Mirth
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Old 02-07-03, 01:36 AM   #67
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Wow! Cash Prize!
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Old 02-07-03, 01:37 AM   #68
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I read every day!
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Old 02-07-03, 02:45 AM   #69
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Originally posted by nin_fragile14
Think of the accusations if a mod were to win...
We could always delete the accusations

Oh I think this is my post to enter ^ ^
I put children in microwaves.
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Old 02-07-03, 03:07 AM   #70
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entering lottery. I certainly choose PCI FX, with silent fan.
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Old 02-07-03, 03:09 AM   #71
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..send some cash here in old England...
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Old 02-07-03, 04:01 AM   #72
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money sounds goooooooooo~d !
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