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Unless the card is more efficient for some reason in its output stage at 16bit than it is in the output stage at 32bit, there shouldn't be a perceived difference between 16bit and 32bit modes in performance (when the internal renderer always uses 32bits). This is true due to the fact that the card isn't saving any bandwidth internally when doing its rendering, since it's essentially doing the same operations in both, and storing the same amount of data, transporting that same data over the same bus. This might even be a moot point for all games if the memory bandwidth is high enough that it never becomes a bottleneck with any game, since only the GPUs ability to process the data is a limit in that situation (this is something that nVidia is said to be claiming is the case with nV30- Memory bandwidth is no longer an issue, therefore the GPUs ability to process becomes the main performance issue, combined with the CPUs ability to feed it).

That's not to say that there won't be a perceptible difference in the output quality (after all, there are less shades available to display the final image in 16bit mode), but the difference between 32bits output/32bit internal vs. 16bits output/32bit internal would be less than the difference between 32bits output/32bit internal vs. 16bit output/16 bit internal in quality (and is-> Kyro).
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