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Default return of "screen freezes, but mouse pointer moves"

Running with a PCI MX4000 card (fan went out on the AGP card; I have an RMA, and will send it off for a replacement). Still using the ECS KT600A, but now running Ubuntu Dapper Drake, and the most recent nVidia driver I'm aware of (8762). All appeared well, and GL screensavers looked really nice... and suddenly the screen froze, while the mouse pointer could still move. Deja vu all over again.

This time was slightly different...because after about five or so minutes, it responded to ctrl-alt-bs; before, it was good and frozen, though one could ssh in. (Perhaps that's a driver difference, perhaps PCI vs. AGP. I have no idea.)

I went to ATI for a while, but couldn't get decent functionality with Linux.

So... what can I do? Some have said the MX4000 is flaky. Others have said the VIA KT600 chipset is flaky. As mentioned previously, an MX4000 card that froze in the KT600 box is working beautifully in a K7S5A system, so I guess I suspect the KT600A. (I put together a system for my sister using the same motherboard; it has an MX400, and she's had no trouble.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated--if anyone has a KT600-based mobo and an MX4000 that work together under Linux, I'd love to hear about it.
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