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No 5 8.20%
I Use IE 11 18.03%
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Default Re: Do you use FireFox? And why?

Originally Posted by Allaahu_Akbar
Internet explorer is much faster for me.
Gets your box r00ted in third of the time it takes with Firefox?-) But you're right, Firefox is getting bloated and as such slow. I wish Galeon could take (all) Firefox's extensions.
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Default Re: Do you use FireFox? And why?

I just switched to Opera today but I will use anything that has tabbed browsing. It makes it much eaier.
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Default Re: Do you use FireFox? And why?

Originally Posted by jAkUp
The layout is a near identical copy of Firefox. The search engine field on the right hand side is the first give away.

Either way, I actually like IE7. I think its clean, and works good.
It's a convenience thing I think.

I used to have my google toolbar search box in the same part of the screen before I ever used FF. It's just normal

I use IE 7 because its faster and I never have to worry bout mem usage.

I have installed FF and removed it probably about 10-12 times or so, and counting. Never really developed a taste for it, especially with IE 7 out now.

Both are kinda ripping features off from each other now that m$ is actually working on IE again.

FF is more versatile due to the plug-ins, but other than that, I prefer IE

Speed FTW !!!
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Default Re: Do you use FireFox? And why?

I use because

secure, stable, tabs and extensions!

i luv my ff extensions wooo
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Default Re: Do you use FireFox? And why?

I use IE 7 and Firefox equally @ home. @work IE6... I don't really like the cheap excuse of tabs in IE 7 and it appears to be just simply patched in. I am/was a IE fan but I just find IE7 is cheap and not customizable as Firefox. I use Firefox at home most of the time because I don't get spyware and it blocks craploads of java crap out there. 1 thing that really pisses me off in IE7 and I was a legit TESTER of it. I told them move that stupid shortcut bar on the same level as the tabs or give me a choice to move em and the dumb phucks left it there and actually you can't even move it and even if you did, like in earlier versions, it will just jump back. Then there is that stupid bar at the top of IE7 which I totally hate and it also doesn't move. IE7 is nothing but a cheap patch job imo that tries hard to be like Firefox and can't. Extensions like the weather extension for Firefox is sweet. That kind of integration just doesn't exist in IE7, so that's why Firefox is tops in my book. More secure, more userfriendly and customizable.
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