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Default What Nvidia card to choose for a Multimedia platform?

I have build a gaming machine Windows Pro AMD 64 X2, Nvidia chip motherbaord, Nvidia 7900 GFX and it's up and running.

For any seriuous work I have my Linux Workstation and it's now time to upgrade it.

AMD 64 X2 5000+
Asus Nforce 570 Ultra.
Monitor: LG Flatron Slim 1280x1024 digital/analog
Aged TV: only have the s connector.
Cable Radio/TV.

Google Earth is prolly the most graphic heavy application the machine will run, the rest will be 2d graphics, except I would like to make it my Multimedia platform. I'll use the motherboard sound SPDIF out to the Sound Blaster X-fi SPDIF in on the Window machine. (Assuming it's supported, I have a SB Audigy that I can use instead)

What Nvidia card to get, do I have to get a seperate Radio/TV card?
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Default Re: What Nvidia card to choose for a Multimedia platform?

First get a separate TV card as tvin functionality which is offered by some card isn't supported on Linux. Next to that you can basicly get any card there's on the market. I would get a card from the Geforce6 or Geforce7 series it doesn't matter that much from which series you will buy one as the GPUs are more less the same. The main difference between all the different Geforce6/7 cards is in the clocks of the GPU/memory and the number of pixel/vertex units. The higher the clocks / the more 'units' the faster the card.

A simple card would be a Geforce 7300GS which costs I guess about 70 euro / USD. It is good in 2d and can also be used for playing games although not at the highest resolutions or with tons of eyecandy. If you want something better take a Geforce 7600GS or GT which are about 100 euro / USD more expensive. The GS is most of the time silent and is slower than the GT model. If you want even more performance you can get a Geforce7900. For info on performance search for a review on the web.

If you don't need much 3d performance just go for a 7300GS.
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Default Re: What Nvidia card to choose for a Multimedia platform?


Combing an Asus Nvidia 7300 GS and a Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150MCE (Well supported my Linux according to my research).

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Default Re: What Nvidia card to choose for a Multimedia platform?

Make sure when you buy a new TV that it has a computer-style input as well.
That works so much nicer than the TV-OUT type of connection...

When I selected my card, I found that many cards still offer one DVI, one VGA and a TV-OUT. Make sure that you can use TV-OUT while still using the DVI connector for your panel. Cards with two DVI connectors are starting to become more generally available, and of course have more flexibility. I found one, but this (together with needing AGP bus) limited my freedom when selecting. I now have a 6600GT card which works OK but is overkill for my normal use.
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