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Default Re: Why NVIDIA should already have support for xorg-7.1

Originally Posted by d4rk74m4
I'd also like to clear something up.. NVIDIA's drivers *already* support AIGLX (Accelerated Indirect GLX), and have done so for quite some time (ages before the open-source drivers supported it in fact).

GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap has nothing to do with it.
Nope. The pixmap to texture extension is needed for AIGLX and this has not been implemented yet.

Also.. It's not all about gaming.. It's also about desktop performance..
Forget about AIGLX for a while. This thing isn't mature and there are no fully functional window and composite managers to make use of it yet. The only thing that really needs to show-up now is a 7.1 compatible driver, because right now the whole Linux desktop is broken on NVIDIA.
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Default Re: Why NVIDIA should already have support for xorg-7.1

Various people in this thread gave good answers and behaved correctly. Some are complaining and whining and are changing the thread in a whining/flamewar-like thread. Because of this I'm closing it.
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