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Unhappy Redhat 8.1 beta Phoebe: Nvidia src.rpm and .rpm doesn't work

I've got kernel package installed. Doing the same things I did for 8.0, rpmrebuild --rebuild, etc. but Nvidia drivers won't install.

Precompiled files at nvidia.com are compiled for 2.4.18, but Redhat 8.1 Phoebe comes with 2.4.20
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Phoebe's kernel also contains some backports from the 2.5 kernel (stuff like thread-local storage, etc.) that are not in the standard 2.4 kernel, but require major changes to certain interfaces that the nVidia drivers use.

For the moment, there is no support whatsoever for RH 8.1, but there have been a couple of posts on how to get it working. Search for "phoebe" and you should be able to find the howto thread. It involves patching the drivers so that they compile, then turning off stuff like TLS so that they run correctly.
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Default Fix should be coming eventually

It appears nvidia is looking at the issues involved, so hopefully a fix should be available in the next version of the driver.


have some details. There's also a related thread on the wine-devel list about the issues phoebe has on wine. Those are being looked into as well,
so everything should be more or less fine quite soon after the final 8.1 is out :-)
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