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Default GeForce 7600 Go, Samsung R65 and Debian etch (2.6.18 vanilla)

Hey there!

Im using a Samsung R65 laptop with a GeForce 7600 Go inside. Driver Version of the nvidia drivers is the newest stable: 8774.

I've got a few questions about those nvidia drivers:

First: with the proprietary drivers I am unable to adjust my brightness in any way under X. The nv-settings tool won't do it for me and the keys provided ([Fn]-[Arrow-down/up] do not work. They work fine with the open source drivers and switching to another virtual terminal (tty1-6, i.e. a console) re-enables the functionality even with the nvidia binary drivers. That means I've gotta switch consoles everytime I want to readjust brightness. That's annoying. It does not do anything when I plug out the AC cable as well (normally it would decrease brightness) although I did set the bios-setting to do that.

The nvidia-settings tool lists my display as a Seiko flat panel. I'm not sure wether this is right or wrong. But it does not offer any ways of readjusting the brightness of the device.

Second: what about "Twin-View"? Will it be enabled soon? I've got a secondary output and also a video-output for TV sets and would really like to be able to use at least one of them (the coputer output, that is). For now the only thing I can do is start up connected to, lets say, a beamer and I can't switch back to my Flat Panel without at least restarting X. Is there any way to have two screens enabled at one time (I'm a student and would like to have this for presentations and the like)...

Thanks in advance for any answers. If you like, I could supply you with more detailed infos. (Xserver logs, lspci, hardware infos nvidia-bugreport ... whatever)

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