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Default TV-out configuration clarification please

Hi all, I've been reading through the docs and many posts and example xorg.confs on these forums and I'm left with a few questions about configuring TV-out.
I want to make sure I've got everything right before posting my xorg.conf and a bug report (for 8774 on x86_64) :-)

I want to run one X instance with two displays - one on the monitor connected to VGA and one on the TV connected via composite on my 6600GT.

1) Are two 'device' sections necessary?

2) When I have two device sections I get a message like this:
(WW) NVIDIA: More than one matching Device section found: Videocard0-TV
Is this OK?

3) is busid needed/useful if there's only one display device in the machine?

4) If there are two device sections, should the 'ConnectedMonitor' line be: ConnectedMonitor "CRT, TV"
in each device entry, or should the 'screen 0' device entry say:
ConnectedMonitor "CRT"
and the 'screen 1' entry say:
ConnectedMonitor "TV"

5) At some point between 6xxx and 8774 the nVidia drivers started checking the user-given TV modelines against some internal predefined list of allowed 'TV standard' modes. As far as I understand it, now, if you have a custom, non-standard modeline - even if it is in a known res like 720x576, it will get chucked out. (nVidia's 'built in' 720x576 looks fine to me on my TV, so I'm not complaining).

So am I correct in saying that a TV's 'monitor' section does not need any modelines, nor horizsync or vertrefresh entries, and the 'screen' section should try to use mode '720x576' (which isn't mentioned in my xorg.conf but has been predefined by nVidia elsewhere)?

6) Is it correct that the options:
should be in either of the 'Screen' or 'Device' sections and not in the 'Monitor' section?
What happens if one of these options is used in both the 'Screen' and 'Device' sections at the same time?

Thanks for your time guys,
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