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Default Re: Need for Speed Carbon demo is out

I actually own both the ps2 version and pc, one ps2 had slightly better control and i guess you could call it better, neither pc,ps2,or xbox version were of the same caliber that high stakes, nfs2, or porche unleashed, but at least it wasnt as bad as underground 1 and 2 which are games i like to forget, dam you fast and the furious and it wasnt even a good movie, man people are easly influneced.
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Default Re: Need for Speed Carbon demo is out

Doesn't the pc, xbox and gc versions of HP2 offer less tracks?? I think the PS2 version has a desert track that is not available on the other versions.
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Default Re: Need for Speed Carbon demo is out

It doesn't suprise me they are dishing out exclusive content for the PS2, maybe to try and boost sales for the console that is the sinking ship, with the PS3 just around the corner.
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Default Re: Need for Speed Carbon demo is out

Ya I remember playing Xbox's version of HP2 for awhile and then played PS2s version and couldnt believe how much better it was, the sense of speed and control were superior on PS2s ver as well as just about everything else. Of course PS2s version was developed by Blackbox, the rest weren't:

"Black Box games was originally contracted to design and build a PlayStation 2 game bearing that name, which they did. Somewhere along the line, Electronic Arts decided to add Xbox and Gamecube versions to the shopping list...but Black Box didn't make those. Instead, EA Canada's Phoenix team was tapped for those projects, and as a consequence made a substantially different game."
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