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Default Mac users, best finance app.

There's always using Fink and just using gnucash (with a properly setup gtk theme to feel "aqua").

But I came across iBank!

It leverages MUCH of Tiger's new framework such as core data, ical integration, and core image features to "beautify" it and make the app speedy as hell. I like the abstracted transaction importing, abstracted budgeting tracking system, and portfolio management.

Very slick and intuitive interface, and you can import/export through quite a few file formats. "Smart accounts" is also a great expenditure tracking function. Really great app, should give it a try.
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Default Re: Mac users, best finance app.

Sweet. Now if you buy me one of these Macs you describe, I'll give it a whirl.
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Default Re: Mac users, best finance app.

Hm, I might have to give that a try. I loathe (hate, despise, abhor, etc.) Quicken 2006 on the iMac. Quicken 2001 on a Win2K machine was more responsive and user-friendly than the pile of steaming dog doo that is Quicken for Mac. Thanks!
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