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Default Re: BF2142 GT Video Review

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Eh, I can already tell what people are going to think of this. Its the same infectious gameplay thats hard to hate but it probably has all of the same problems and down sides as the past games, as well as the new retarded advertising thing. I think the reviews will reflect that.

I did break down and buy it. The two buddies that I play on line with on vent said they were hooked so I kinda had no choice right now. After 4 ranks I am hooked on the game. The problems as you said are still there. The video review is also spot on.

1. It is hard to tell when you really hit some one. They need to give the bullet impact a better feel so you get a better sense of your targeting. A simple blood spurt mod will fix this.
2. Laying a full clip into some one and they dont' die. Then they turn around and hit you with one shot. Not cool.
3. This goes with number two. The netcode is CRAP ONCE AGAIN! The same damn problem every release that Dice has. It takes them 4 patches to get it to a bearable status.
4. This is a new one. The hover tanks sucks crooked donkey peeners.
5. Many of the vehicles are over powered at least at this point.

Yes all those still suck but it is a fun game.

BTW my gamer tag is Apocolypscow
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Default Re: BF2142 GT Video Review

Originally Posted by UDawg
BTW my gamer tag is Apocolypscow
That's awesome!
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Default Re: BF2142 GT Video Review

I'm a total hypocrite because I ranted about about the game like everyone else but then I started liking the demo...

I bought the full game on Friday...and I'm enjoying it.

Same feelings about how great the game could have been... but I still enjoy it and the unlocks gave the game a whole new feel.. Some of the maps are cool, too. 64 player urban combat is insane.

My first Titan game I expected to waltz onto the enemy Titan and blow the consoles but sentry guns and AP mines changed all that. Now you need to coordinate offense to break through to blow the reactor.

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