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Default Suggestions for Overscan

Hello fellow nvidia enthusiasts,

I am finishing my home theatre PC. My HDTV only has composite input, so I am using the "COMPOSITE" output dongle included with the video card. I have driver 9626 installed and it seems to be working somewhat. My lingering problem is when I enable 1080i resolution I get approximately 10% overscan.

I have heard others use custom modelines to workaround this problem, however it appears that the nvidia driver does not allow custom modelines when using either "HD1080i" and/or "Composite" configuration from xorg.conf. Is this true? If I look at a log level 6 xorg the comments seem to suggest that.

Does the nvidia-settings utility plan on supporting "Fit to TV" feature?

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Default Re: Suggestions for Overscan


Currently, I'm running Ubuntu Edgy on AMD64, with a PNY GeForce 6200 AGP card... My Samsung HDTV only has component inputs as well, so I'm forced to use the component-out dongle that the card came with.
With the 64-bit 9626 drivers, I'm getting an odd paradox:

1) Using only "TVStandard" "HD1080i", I can get the output to the TV, but it shows only 800x600 - essentially only 2/3rds of my screen. Using tvtime and MythTV to display video works fine. MythTV with XvMC and 2xBob de-interlacing looks wonderful (albeit smaller that the total screen). OpenGL and XVideo Sync to VBlank are both off.

2) Using "TVStandard" "HD1080i" and selecting "1920x1080" modeline will fill my TV screen with the GNOME desktop, and overscans by quite a wide margin (I can't see either the top or bottom panels). MythTV Frontend works, by as soon as I select a video file or go into Live TV, the CPU spikes, the screen is black, and I have to toggle back to my Terminal window and cancel the mythfrontend app (the computer is quite unresponsive while it toggles back to Terminal). tvtime does the same thing as well. Checking the MythTV frontend log shows that it "timed out while waiting for free video buffers".

So, I guess my question is... if you can get XVideo to work on HDTV-Component out and only have trouble with overscan, can you post a copy of your xorg.conf? I really don't want to have to buy a VGA-Component adaptor, and I don't have the cash to throw down on a new TV with DVI/VGA inputs.

I'm also looking into your overscan issue, since this will affect me as well. The only thing I've found so far is to adjust the GUI size in MythTV to fit within the non-overscanned area... a solution for Myth, but not a solution for anything else I'm afraid...

I'm not home at the moment, so if any needs to see my nVidia logs or MythTV logs, I'll post them later.
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Default Re: Suggestions for Overscan

I saw a note somewhere about using panels in kde to compensate. I'm also looking for a way to manage the overscan. I have a very nice picture at 720P on my samsung 42" DLP with a dvi2hdmi cable. Just can't use it as the primary display because of the overscan pushing the task bar off the screen. I can tune the display in the windows drivers to get it to fit. Unfortunatly the modeline from powertools had no affect on my linux display. I wish you coudl inform X that you wanted it to use a smaller part of the the X dispay to render on. I've not found anythign like that yet though. This would also be a nice feature of the twinview setup. They already do some cropping of displays to shrink them in relation to the x server. I wonder if a xinerama setting might be able to shrink the usable space.

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