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Default Dual gpu, dual core freeze

Dear sirs,

I'am experiencing a somewhat complex bug : XV freeze on one head when network activity becomes high...

My setup is :
* Distro is kubuntu, with latest package for kernel ( and nvidia driver (ver 8762)
* An amd64 dual core processor
* An AGP GeForce FX 5200 board
* A PCI GeForce4 MX 4000 board
* Each board has its own XServer (with its own keyboard/mouse)

The setup is stable, except under one situation : when viewing a video with XV on the PCI card during high network activity, the system quickly and totally freeze : no mouse move, ping doesn't respond anymore, ...

I tryed various version of the kernel (up to 2.17.14), with various version of the nvidia drivers (up to beta 9625) with no success.
I tried playing with kernel settings like pci=routeirq, disabling splash, disabling ACPI, activating "UseInt10Module" on both head, but with no luck.

Also, I tried to change some bios settings (pci delayed transaction), AGP Fast write. Nothing helped.

I tryed with another network card (with a different driver) and the same problem still occurs. The problem is probably not directly linked to the network card driver.

Disabling the second CPU fixes the problem !!! (but is not an acceptable workaround ! ). So it is probably not a hardware related problem.

Does someone uses a pci nvidia on a dual-core cpu ?

Best regards,
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Default Re: Dual gpu, dual core freeze

If booting with the pci=conf1 kernel parameter doesn't help, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log against the 1.0-9626 driver.

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Default Re: Dual gpu, dual core freeze


I tried against 9625 beta driver, 2.6.17 kernel and pci=conf1 with the same result. I didn't find driver version 9626 if that matters...

But I found that playing with cpu affinity helped a lot : I am changing all irq affinity to bind them to CPU 1, and I am binding Xorg for PCI display to CPU 1 as well. In this configuration, there is no more crash during high network load while xv !!! This works with drivers version 8762 as well (this is ubuntu's current version)

I post the two nvidia-bug-report.log, one for each active display (0 for the AGP card, and 1 for the pci one)

Attached Files
File Type: zip nvidia-bug-reports.zip (57.1 KB, 102 views)
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Default Re: Dual gpu, dual core freeze

I once had the same problem:


Binding graphical applications to the first cpu (cpu-affinity)
also helped for me. Then i had acpi=off workaround and
finally pci=conf1 as solution.

I also applied idle=poll, suggested by Ingo Molnar to fix some
timing related issue with AMD X2 processors - maybe this is also
related to this problem and you may try it out ...

BTW.: pre 2.6.14 kernels worked without any special treatments,
so does the problem reproduce when down-grading to 2.6.13?


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Default Re: Dual gpu, dual core freeze

The current BETA should still work reliably with kernels using broken MMCONFIG PCI configuration space accesses, but if in doubt, passing pci=nommconf to the kernel shouldn't hurt. With respect to idle=poll, this kernel parameter will improve stability on dual-core systems if the installed kernel is using TSCs as a time source naively, which can result in erratic timeout behavior, etc., if the cores are allowed to get out of sync.
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