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Default (FC6 + 6400 go + 9626 + compviz == 100% CPU) - ACPI == Good

All I can say is WTF?

In the post titled "FC6 + 6400 go + 9626 + compviz == 100% CPU" I was having problems with 100% CPU usage on simple tasks like loading a web page.

I went to the Fedora forums and noticed some posts about problems with ACPI on "some" laptops.

I booted with "acpi=off" and viola no more problems. Glxgears is showing ~2000 fps vs. the 230 I was getting, and my CPU usage is back where it should be.

Can someone more informed than me tell me why this worked?


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Default Re: (FC6 + 6400 go + 9626 + compviz == 100% CPU) - ACPI == Good

The BIOS in your system has an ACPI bug.
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